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Top Ten W.A.K.O. Approved Products: Elevate Your Kickboxing Gear

Top Ten is known for its top-notch martial arts equipment. Specifically tailored for kickboxing, Top Ten's range of products is approved by the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (W.A.K.O.), ensuring they meet the highest standards for both safety and performance. In this blog post, we'll delve into some of the best W.A.K.O. approved products from Top Ten and their benefits for kickboxers.

Top Ten W.A.K.O. Pointfighter Gloves

Top Ten's Pointfighter Gloves are a must-have for any competiter. These gloves, such as the offer superior wrist support and excellent shock absorption thanks to their PPS foam padding covered in synthetic leather. They are lightweight, allowing for fast and precise strikes, making them ideal for point fighting.

Top Ten W.A.K.O. Super Fight Boxing Gloves

Top Ten's W.A.K.O. approved boxing gloves are designed to provide exceptional hand protection and durability. The Top Ten Official W.A.K.O. Competition superfight Gloves are made of high-quality genuine leather and feature PPS foam for excellent shock absorption. These gloves ensure both safety and performance during intense matches.

Top Ten W.A.K.O. Shin Guards

Protection is paramount in kickboxing, and Top Ten's shin guards are designed to offer maximum safety and comfort. The Top Ten Shin/Instep Protector "Lowkick" is W.A.K.O. approved and provides excellent protection with its pre-formed, shock-absorbing IMF foam padding. The Hi-Tech synthetic leather ensures durability, while the elastic and Velcro straps offer a secure fit.

Top Ten W.A.K.O. Headgear

Headgear is essential for sparring, and the Top Ten Fight Headguard is one of the best options available. This headgear is W.A.K.O. approved and features innovative PUR foam material for outstanding impact absorption. It offers full coverage and is designed for comfort and visibility, making it perfect for intense training sessions.

Top Ten W.A.K.O. Competition Kicks

For foot protection, Top Ten offers the Top Ten Competition Kicks. These kicks are extremely lightweight and provide excellent protection and mobility. Made of imitation leather with a moulded PPS foam interior, they are designed to meet the rigorous demands of kickboxing competitions.

Notable Athletes Using Top Ten

Many top athletes trust Top Ten for their training and competition needs. These products are not only W.A.K.O. approved but are also used by world-class kickboxers who rely on the brand's quality and durability to perform at their best.

Top Ten's W.A.K.O. approved products are designed to provide the highest level of protection, comfort, and performance for kickboxers. Whether you're training or competing, Top Ten's gear will help you achieve your best. Explore our collection of Top Ten W.A.K.O products to find the perfect gear for your kickboxing journey.

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