Martial Arts Equipment, but who are these brands?

Top Ten, Hayashi, Shureido, Venum, Revgear, Training Mask and Fight Dentist

Shureido Australia

SHUREIDO, one of the top brands in the world of karate. The brand was founded in Okinawa, Japan, by the Nakasone family in the 60’s. The karate gi soon become popular among all karate grand masters in Okinawa. Since then, the brand has grow from strength to strength, and extended its popularity from Okinawa to all Japan, and the rest of the world.

Top Ten Australia

Top Ten has always been a pioneering brand for safety in contact martial arts and boxing and will continue to be so.

The famous Top Ten head guard and boxing gloves which were established in the 80´s and are still the choice of champions and any serious martial artist.

In the last century Hayashi is a brand which has held an excellent reputation of quality and reliability in the traditional martial arts. Many of the Karate products are also World Karate Federation approved and Hayashi is a well known sponsor of European and World level events.

With our brands Hayashi and Top Ten; functionality, design and standard of quality are the most important things, but with an excellent price-performance ratio.

But also for MMA, a fast growing martial discipline, which finds more and more fans, there is a new TOP TEN MMA line that has been created together with experts and a designer.

TOP TEN products are made with special shock and energy absorbing foam padding developed in Germany.

Top Ten & Hayashi are Official recognized by AIBA, ITF, WTF, WAKO, and WKF across their range of products.



Founded in 1996 by Paul Reavlin, Revgear continues to be a leading innovator of martial arts equipment. While training for his black belt, Paul grew frustrated with the existing training equipment on the market. Tired of false claims of quality and poorly designed products, he decided that creating a quality branded product line was the only alternative. And Revgear was born.

Uniquely qualified Revgear strives continually to bring you equipment that meets your training needs because our equipment is designed and tested by people like you who train hard. Cutting edge technology and innovation behind the products is devoted specifically to combat various challenges associated with martial arts, boxing and fitness training. As martial arts styles transform and evolve-so does Revgear. Training with Revgear products will never be more powerful or effective!

Earning the distinguished acclaim ‘pro gear for pro fighters’, Revgear remains a leading manufacturer of training gear, fight gear and fight apparel since 1996. Gear that is tested on the mat and proven in the cage: the pros use Revgear and so should you.



The Fightdentists are a husband and wife dental team with over 20 years of knowledge and dental experience, having worked in Canada and the United States. Dr. Silva Battaglin and Dr. Adam Persky are both graduates from Boston University Dental School and have gained world recognition infiltrating the world of mouth guards. Their boil and bite mouth guard rivals most traditional EVA guards and have been fabricated for athletes of all ages and sports, both amateur and professional.