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Adidas 2 in 1 Sports Bag

Adidas 2 in 1 Sports Bag

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Adidas 2 in 1 Sports Bag

Adidas sports bag 2 in 1 - Large size

This bag is available  in two colours:  Black with Gold detail and Black with Red detail

The Adidas bag dimensions are: 72cm length 34cm width x34cm height

The adidas 2 in 1 sports bags stand up allowing you to not only fill your bag easily, but search for your training items or keys with ease.

2 in 1 means that this bag can also be used as a backpack. The backpack straps are hidden away in the base but can be accessed easily when wanted.

These sports bags are made from polyurethane faux leather

They are mainly black in colour with adidas logo in each of the featured colours and a black zip. The logo also features on the shoulder strap as can be seen from the image gallery.

The shoulder strap is padded to provide extra comfort when carrying.

The sports bags are lined

The outside of the bag has a full length zipped panel on one side to keep items handy such as your mouthguard or keys and phone while training.

This bag is a great option for your club gear or competition use. Its also an ideal carry on or check in option when travelling Nationally or Internationally for competitions.

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