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Tatami Finger Tape

Tatami Finger Tape

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Tatami Finger Tape - White

Tatami Finger tape tubes have 4 rolls of Finger Tape in, an essential item for all BJJ practictioners sports bags. 

The constant pulling, tugging and gripping in Jiu Jitsu often leads to one thing in the hands - pain.

That’s where Tatami Fightwear’s newly-designed finger tape comes into the equation.

Tatami have looked to greatly improve their finger tape and the zinc oxide tape has now been optimised to ensure strength and injury prevention.

Fingers take the brunt of impact during any Jiu Jitsu activity, with sleeve, pant, lapel and belt grips all combining to add pressure to joints.

For those who train hard and regular, this constant strain can lead to inflammation or in the worst cases, long-term injury.

Perfect for hand-to-hand combat, finger tape aims to tackle these problems.

Despite being extra sticky around the hands, the soft and supple feel of the tape still makes it comfortable to use.

Its strength encourages improved finger grip function and allows you to maximise your performance while protecting against injuries.

Coming in a pack of 4, the finger tape is also packaged in a new, light tin that allows you to throw it in amongst all your essentials as you train or compete:

Tape size: 9mm x 10 metres


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