Rash Guard or no Rash Guard??

Venum Bjj Rash Guard

Benefits of Wearing a Rash Guard under your Gi….

Don’t you just hate when your sweaty Gi sticks to your body and causes uncomfortable rubbing.
The solution to this problem.. wearing a rashguard underneath! The benefits to wearing them are rarely debated especially when it comes to wearing it underneath your Gi.

The most common reason for people to wear a rashguard is to reduce burn and irritation and make training or competing a lot more enjoyable.

People that have sensitive skin or students that are often training at high intensity for longer periods of time normally choose to wear something underneath their gi to try and prevent themselves from mat or gi burn. (Its also great for reducing nipple chafing!!)

When you have persistent rubbing from your gi and lots of sweat, this can lead to rashes and discomfort.

For some people self confidence is an important aspect when performing grapples and performing skills in martial arts. By wearing a rash guard underneath it allows people to feel a lot more comfortable. It decreases the exposure of body hair, sweat and skin imperfections that may be
restricting martial artists performing at their full potential.

Although it may not seem like a very important reason, wearing a rash guard minimises the spread of bacteria from the mat-to-mat contact and contact with other people that you would be sparring and grappling with.

You’d be surprised when there’s a large number of people constantly sweating on mats and surrounding areas, wearing a rash guard does reduce the risk of infection and the spread of bacteria.
It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Last but not least rashguards are great at moisture control and keeping you nice and dry so you can always be concentrating and have the ability to perform at your full potential. The properties of our rash guards stretchy fabric make it perfect for controlling moisture.

It keeps sweat away from the skin allowing it to either evaporate or be absorbed into the gi. By keeping the moisture away it allows you to always have dry hands to make sure any grabs and procedures can be performed at a high level.

At MASA we have TopTen and Venum Rash guards available. Short and long sleeves to suit the individual and outside temperatures.

Check out some of the rash guards here:

Venum Long Sleeve Devil Rash Guard – Navy Blue
TopTen Octagon Rashguard – short sleeve

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