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karate do tshirt

Hayashi “Karate Do” T-Shirt



Hayashi “Karate Do” T-Shirt

Product Description

Hayashi “Karate Do” T-Shirt

Hayashi white “Karate Do” T-Shirt to show your karate spirit!

The karate t-shirt features high quality plastisol printing on the front and is plain on the back.

This is a great karate t-shirt to be worn before, during or after training.

The weight of the t-shirt is approximately 170 grams

Hayashi T-shirt made from 90% cotton and 10% elastan

Clothing Size
Size Height of person
XXS 139 cm – 148 cm
XS 149 cm – 158 cm
S 159 cm – 168 cm
M 169 cm – 178 cm
L 179 cm – 188 cm
XL 189 cm – 198 cm
XXL 199 cm – 208 cm


(Sizes are approximate) Limited stock available

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Extra Large, Large, Medium


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