Kickboxing to Feature in the 2023 European Games

Kickboxing to Feature in the 2023 European Games

Kickboxing Debut at European Games

Kickboxing is a modern contact fighting sport created on the basis of many traditional combat sports and martial arts. Kickboxing is a unique Western response to many Eastern martial arts. It can be practiced on competitive or recreational level, depending on the aspirations of the kickboxer, but it is a sport designed to improve overall health, strength and endurance.

During the European Games 2023, 128 kickboxers from 25 countries will compete in 16 competitions, in three different fighting disciplines: Full contact, Light Contact and Point fighting. The competition of this spectacular sport will take place in Myslenice at the Myslenice Arena.

The term “kickboxing” first appeared in fighting tournaments in Japan in 1960, but the massive development of the new sport was in the United States, during 70’s. Kickboxing  was created from a combination of many sports disciplines – karate mixed with boxing, taekwondo, muay thai and savate.

In the 1977,  the new fighting sport which includes punches (hand techniques) and kicks (leg techniques) has been officially introduced to the world, in amateur fights with defined rules and with maximum use of safety equipment. The new term KICKBOXING was officially adopted to define the sport and WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations) started to act, since the very beginning, as the authentic Kickboxing Federation in the world.

Kickboxing has 7 competitive disciplines.

  • Ring disciplines: Full contact, Low kick, K-1 Rules.
  • Fighting area is ring. Each bout consists of three two minute rounds with a minute break between each round. The intention of kickboxer is to defeat his opponent with legal techniques which must be delivered with full power.
  • Tatami disciplines: Point fighting, Light contact, Kick light and Forms.
  • Fighting area is the tatami. The intention of kickboxer is to defeat his opponent with legal techniques which must be delivered with controlled power. Each round is two minutes with a minute break between the rounds but number of rounds is different and it depends of the discipline. Forms is the only non fighting discipline, where a kickboxer is performing techniques with or without music, demonstrating a fight with imaginary opponent, with or without weapons.

Appearing  in the program of the European Games Krakow – Malopolska 2023, for the sport of kickboxing could be a good step in building reputation and popularity – seeking the dream to participate one day at the Olympic Games.



Representatives of this sport have been fighting for years to include kickboxing in the Olympic Games program and in 2021 it seemed that they would finally get their way. On July 20, 2021, the International Olympic Committee officially recognized kickboxing as an Olympic sport. But that was only half the battle, because now you have to jump into the program. Efforts are underway to include this spectacular discipline in the program of the next Games, which will be held in 2028 in Los Angeles.



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