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Unleash Your Potential with Hayashi Karate Gi

Hayashi Karate is the go-to brand for martial artists seeking high-quality WKF approved gis and sparring gear at affordable prices. Our selection of WKF approved products includes everything you need to train and compete at the highest level, including gis, gloves, shin guards, and more.

Our WKF approved gis are designed with the needs of serious karateka in mind, offering exceptional comfort, durability, and style. Made from top-quality materials and built to last, our Karate gis are the perfect addition to any martial arts training regimen.

In addition to our  Karate gi's selection, we offer a variety of WKF approved sparring gear to ensure your safety and comfort during training and competition. From Karate gloves and shin guards to WKF Approved headgear and mouthguards, we have everything you need to stay protected and perform your best.

When you choose Hayashi Karate, you can trust that you're getting the best in quality and performance. Our products are designed and tested by experienced martial artists to ensure that they meet the needs of serious practitioners.

Shop our selection of Hayashi Karate WKF approved gis and sparring gear today and experience the ultimate in comfort, durability, and performance.