At current Adidas Combat Sports Australia is no longer in operation. We are unable to restock any Adidas items at present like other supply companies. When Adidas is available again in Australia, we will continue to sell this brand

  • MMA Gloves, Shin Guard and Accessories. We also stock a great range of MMA gear for kids.

  • Check out our range off BJJ Gi's, NoGi Clothing and Accessories. We also have a great range of Kids BJJ products including Kids BJJ Gis, Rash Guards and Ear Guards

  • ITF uniforms, sparring gear, and accessories. Take your training to the next level with Top Ten and Adidas ITF approved gear

  • karate uniforms, gloves, shin guards, and more meet the strict standards set by the World Karate Federation, ensuring you're ready to perform at your best.

  • Top-quality boxing gloves. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced boxer, our gloves offer unbeatable support, protection,

  • Unleash your full potential in the ring with our top-quality kickboxing gear. From gloves to shin guards and everything in between,

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Welcome to MASA - Your Premier Martial Arts Supplies Store

Your ultimate destination for premium martial arts supplies in Australasia. Whether you're a seasoned martial artist or a beginner taking the first steps into the world of combat sports, MASA has everything you
need to excel in your training and competitions. We take pride in offering a vast selection of high-quality gear and apparel for various disciplines, including
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, and more. From top-notch BJJ Gis and MMA gloves to WKF-approved Karate Gis and Taekwondo doboks, our
collection caters to practitioners of all levels. Elevate your martial arts journey with MASA's unparalleled selection and unmatched customer service. Shop with confidence and achieve greatness in the martial arts with MASA.

Step into the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at MASA

Explore a wide range of BJJ Gis, and NoGi fightwear, catering to men, women, and kids. Enhance your training with our premium rash guards and durable grappling shorts, available for all genders and ages. Embrace the art of BJJ with confidence and style with our carefully curated collection of BJJ gear at MASA."