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Braus Adult BJJ Ear Guard

Braus Adult BJJ Ear Guard

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Braus Adult BJJ Ear Guard

If you are looking for quality head gear, BRAUS Adult BJJ ear guards will give you unrivalled protection. This product has been purposely designed to decrease your chances of developing cauliflower ears and also to protect your ear cartilage too.


Whether you are just starting out, or perhaps you need additional BJJ Protection for training, the BRAUS Fight ear guards are lightweight and surprisingly comfortable to wear. 

The outer-layer of fabric is soft which means there is less chance of any irritation. These BJJ standard ear guards also feature an ear cup internally within the different layers of compressed safety foam.


This is a one-size fits all piece of equipment that comes with an easy to adjust strap, helping you to feel completely at ease when the ear guards are in place.



  • Shock-absorbing foam
  • Neoprene fabric giving complete coverage
  • Fully adjustable strap to suit all head sizes and a secure closed guard
  • Fully-moulded shells protecting against irritation and impact
  • Quick-release velcro strap

Head gear in BJJ is now viewed as an essential part of your grappling gear and a must-have item for your kit. 

If the thought of preventing cauliflower ear isn’t compelling enough, having ear guards during training will help to make your time on the mats as productive as possible.

It will maximise your potential as there will be fewer distractions, and of course, it will be more enjoyable as a result of this. Ear guards will prevent sore ears turning into swollen ears!

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