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Hayashi Focus Kick Target

Hayashi Focus Kick Target

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Hayashi Focus Kick Target

Upgrade your training with Hayashi's Imitation Leather Focus Kick Target.

Its durability allows for intense punch combos and kicks. This is an ideal training aid to help build on technique and kicking/ punching speed.

Whether its round house, heel kicks or perfecting accuracy for side kicks, this is an easy to move focus kicking target. 

Suitable for use for punch training also, have your partner or student work on technique, distance and accuracy and be able to change the target destination quickly. Reaction training at its best! 

The ergonomic handle and secure loop provide a comfortable grip. Enjoy protection from overloading while maintaining direct feedback.

Use it for challenging attack positions, ensuring varied training.

Hayashi's solid craftsmanship and sturdy materials promise a long-lasting Focus Mitt.

Other advantages:

  • Robust artificial leather cover
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Retaining loop for secure hold
  • Pleasant protective padding
  • Sold individually


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