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Hayashi Air Deluxe Kumite Gi - WKF approved

Hayashi Air Deluxe Kumite Gi - WKF approved

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    Hayashi Air Deluxe Kumite Gi - WKF Approved

    Experience the ultimate lightweight performance with the Hayashi Air Deluxe Kumite Gi.

    Designed for serious karate practitioners, this Gi combines advanced functionality with exceptional durability.

     Key Features:

    • Ultra-Lightweight Design: Unique fabric structure and mesh inserts save weight and enhance robustness.
    • Breathable Material: The “Air Deluxe” Gi ensures optimal temperature regulation and reduces perspiration.
    • Sport-Specific Design: Tailored for Kumite karate with a perfect fit for both jacket and pants.
    • High-Quality Workmanship: Superior seam construction and attention to detail.
    • Pure White Aesthetic: Symbolizes purity and remains luminous with proper care.
    • WKF Approved: Features Hayashi embroidery on the chest and a WKF-approved label on the lapels.

    Additional Benefits:

    • Breathable Functional Fabric: Keeps you cool and comfortable during intense training.
    • Mesh Insets: Reduce perspiration and minimize unpleasant odours.
    • Durable Material:** Ensures long-lasting performance and retains its white colour.

    Shine on the mat with the Hayashi Air Deluxe Kumite Gi. Enjoy unrestricted mobility and feel the luxury of a Gi that supports your athletic performance.

    Equip to win with Hayashi KLumite equipment. Perfect for club training or competitions. 




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