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Hayashi Backpack “Giant WKF”

Hayashi Backpack “Giant WKF”

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Hayashi Backpack “Giant WKF”

Big, bigger, “Giant WKF” - Hayashi now has the “Giant WKF” backpack ready for everyone that big is just not big enough.

The spacious top loader has a length of 56 cm when not filled and can be expanded by an additional compartment approx. 30 cm long using a zip system at the bottom. 

Numerous drawstrings give the “Giant WKF” stability and ensure that the load is pleasantly distributed.

The Hayashi sports backpack is equipped with multiple organization compartments so that you have everything to hand on the go.

There is space for up to 1.5-liter bottles in the narrow side compartments, with which the “Giant WKF” scores particularly well as a companion at sporting events.

You can easily pack your sweaty clothes, shoes, or wet towels using the extension compartment’s front-loading system after exercising.

A stable mesh insert on the back ensures a constant air exchange and releases moisture to the outside.

The Hayashi “Giant WKF” ’s extensive equipment also includes a length-adjustable carrier system and padded contact pads on the back.

Additional advantages:

  • sporty Hayashi design
  • plenty of storage space with an individual extension
  • drawstrings for load stabilization
  • ergonomic carrying system
  • weatherproof material
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