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Hayashi Bunkai 2.0 Karate Kata Gi

Hayashi Bunkai 2.0 Karate Kata Gi

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Hayashi Bunkai 2.0 Karate Kata Gi

Here you will meet the popular Karate-Gi classic Bunkai in the 2.0 version.

The highlight of the Hayashi Kata-Gi collection is now even more optimally tailored to your needs in sports, thanks to slight changes. 

The natural strengths of cotton are balanced with the functional properties of synthetic fibres. 

In “Bunkai 2.0,” you can also feel the power of the material on your skin, with which you bring the typical “snap effect” to the mat.

Classic specifications, such as the lacing on the jacket and trousers, are also retained in the “Bunkai 2.0” version.

With much freedom of movement, the snow-white Karate-Gi in Japanese cut supports you in executing your forms.

 High-quality embroidery work in the chest and shoulder area stylishly rounds off the overall concept of the WKF-approved Karate-Gi “Bunkai 2.0”.

Additional advantages:

  • Blended fabrics
  • High consistency
  • Worked robustly
  • Optional glossy embroidery in red/blue available for special order
  • WKF approved

This is a new Gi to Australia and more sizes will become available. If you wish to order yours quickly, please contact so we can ensure one is kept for you.

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