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Hayashi Under 14's Children's Body Protector - WKF

Hayashi Under 14's Children's Body Protector - WKF

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Hayashi Under 14's Children's Body Protector - WKF 

In accordance to the WKF Kumite rules, this is a compulsory body protector for competitors under 14 years. 

'2.2.8 In addition, for Competitors <14 years of age the use of WKF Approved Faces mask or protective WKF Helmet and Chest Protector is compulsory. For the same age group, starting 1.1.2024, the protective WKF Helmet will be compulsory from 1.1.2024, providing a transition period of all of 2023 where either protection (WKF Approved Face mask or WKF Helmet) can be used.'

Hayashi have tested the WKF Under 14's Children's Chest Protector and guarantees a perfect energy distribution of the contacts in the sensitive chest area.

The Children's U 14 Chest Protector has been specially designed for rounded seam edges, a generous neckline and scratch-free hook and loop closures. The low weight, the strong protective pad, is very important for children.

The protective pad is divided/creased several times so that it does not affect the young athletes in any way in their movements.

Additional advantages:

  • complies with WKF U14 regulations
  • 550g light
  • high damping properties
  • flexible belt system
  • subdivided padded surface for more flexibility
  • One Size Fit Most
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