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Hayashi Flex Kumite gi

Hayashi Flex Kumite gi

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Hayashi Champion Flex Kumite Gi

The Hayashi Champion Flex Kumite Gi is made from Flex material AND features cool mesh inserts

This Hayashi gi has been designed to feature "flex" material to really give you the very best in comfort and style whilst training and competing

The Hayashi Champion Flex Kumite Gi is made of 96% polyester and 4% spandex

In addition to flex fabric, special attention has been paid to offering the best in ventilation for this latest design.

As a result they have created the ideal kumite gi

The CMT mesh inserts are featured in the following areas:

  • Underarm panels
  • Back area
  • Waist area
  • Back of the knee area

The shiny seams have been processed extremely well to avoid fraying and tearing.

The new, very lightweight fabric structure has excellent wearing comfort. It boasts no need for ironing! Perfect for when competing and even when you are travelling to a competition

The best things about this gi, is is available in 140cm - 200cm including some half sizes. Making it a Gi that that all Karateka's can own.

The Champion Flex Kumite Gi can be purchased online or in our retail store in Osborne Park, WA

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