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Hayashi Karate Gloves WKF Approved

Hayashi Karate Gloves WKF Approved

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Hayashi Karate Gloves - WKF Approved.

World Karate Federation approved Hayashi karate gloves that can be used for sparring in club or Kumite competitions

Specially designed, taking into account karate techniques and WKF regulations

These karate gloves are part of compulsory protection for use during competitions as to prevent injuries that may be caused to the rival opponent due to techniques applied without due control.

The slightly preformed protectors cover the front fist and the back of the fist and provide your hands in training as well as in competition the perfect protection.

stretch tape with hook and loop closure keeps the TSUKI securely in place.

  • Available in Red and Blue, small - X Large
  • Suitable for Children and Adults.
  • Hygienic freshness for “TSUKI”.

Synthetic leather is a particularly robust and durable material that is easy to clean. For this, you should use only clear water and do without foaming additives such as soap or detergent.

hygienic freshness cure you can mist your karate gloves now and then with a splash of disinfectant spray.

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