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Hayashi Katamori Kata Gi

Hayashi Katamori Kata Gi

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Hayashi Katamori Kata Gi -  WKF Approved

Lay the foundation for your sporting achievements in kata with the Hayashi Katamori Kata Gi!

Patience is a virtue. Not only active karatekas from the kata karate area know this, we at Hayashi know this too.

It took Hayashi more than a year to get the karate suit Katamori ready for production.

However, the patience has paid off and we can now look at a Katamori Kata gi that shows true greatness.

They have selected just the right selection of robust fabric, 13 oz fabric weight and 100% pre-washed cotton that incorporates the combination of traditional cut specifications that Karatekas globally demand. 

The Katamori Kata gi boasts style such as the Hakama style cut of the pants.

Katamori Hakama-style pants - 13oz - WKF approved

Even on the smallest details, Hayashi have taken the time and added value by sealing the seams at the side slit of the jacket and reinforcing trims are lined from the inside.

In the inner shoulder area and the rear waistband, Hayashi have sewn a mesh strip in the Katamori. Thus, the air can circulate better under the karate suit.

 A pleasant body climate helps you optimise your body's performance during competition bouts and training.

The surface of the cotton absorbs moisture better than synthetic fibres and gives bacteria no chance to produce unpleasant odours.

So there are no limits to your joy of movement and dynamics in the new karate suit; Katamori.

Additional advantages of the Katamori Karate Gi include:

  • approved by the WKF
  • particularly handy fabric quality
  • Hakama-style trousers with lacing
  • Mesh inserts for more comfort



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