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Hayashi Kumite Gi Set Air Deluxe - WKF Approved

Hayashi Kumite Gi Set Air Deluxe - WKF Approved

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Hayashi Kumite Gi Set Air Deluxe - WKF Approved

Transitioning into the new WKF regulations effective January 2023, the "Air Deluxe Competition" karate Gi set ensures you stay ahead of the game. Featuring one red embroidered jacket and one blue embroidered jacket, success is within reach from the get-go. 

Remaining true to the renowned "Air Deluxe" textile strengths, this set seamlessly combines comfort and performance, making it an ideal choice for competitive athletes. 

In line with the WKF regulation changes, this karate Gi set provides the essential elements required for tournaments in prestigious events such as the World Championships, Karate 1, Premier League, Series A, and the Youth League. Here's what makes it stand out:

  • Set includes one pair of trousers and two jackets for maximum versatility
  • Features Hayashi shoulder sticks in both red and blue
  • WKF approved label guarantees compliance with competition standards
  • Crafted from lightweight, functional material for enhanced agility and comfort

Gear up with the "Air Deluxe Competition" set and experience the winning combination of style, functionality, and performance in every match.

This is a PRE-ORDER item at present. 

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