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Hayashi Mesh Bag “WKF Deluxe”

Hayashi Mesh Bag “WKF Deluxe”

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 Hayashi Mesh Bag “WKF Deluxe”

The lightweight Hayashi Mesh Bag "WKF Deluxe" impresses with ample storage and minimal weight.

 As a sports bag, it ensures your gear breathes, extending the life of items like foot protection and TSUKIs.

 Proper transportation and storage are key, and this bag excels, also offering your shower towel and Gi relief from sweat and moisture.

Access your gear easily with the wide-opening drawstring.

 A sealed lower compartment keeps dirt and moisture out, with extra space for your essentials. Organize hygiene products in the two front zip pockets.

 A convenient small pocket is perfect for membership or business cards, preventing any mix-ups. Enjoy the added benefits of:

  • Lightweight design
  • Sealed bottom for protection
  • Handy shoulder strap
  • Signature Hayashi style with WKF print
  • Size: 65 cm x 26.8 cm x 26.8 cm
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