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Hayashi Premium Kumite Gi

Hayashi Premium Kumite Gi

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Hayashi Premium Kumite Gi - WKF Approved

Ready for the next karate competition? Then get a Gi in premium quality today, the “Premium Kumite” by Hayashi.

The special feature is the processing of a special technical fabric that meets all the requirements of an athlete.

It is extremely lightweight and resistant due to the unique honeycomb structure, stable and yet elastic.

The incorporated Mesh stripes bring fresh air under the jacket and pants and provide enough circulation to prevent wetness caused by sweat.

This Karate suit by Hayashi is for the Kumite in traditional straight cut form.

The jacket is classically tied in the side hip area and is shaped so it easily falls over the pants. The pants have a wide elastic band and drawstring making the fit just perfect.

Additional advantages include:

  • high-quality Hayashi embroidery on the shoulder
  • washable at 30 ° C
  • structurally stable
  • generous crotch area
  • WKF approved

Lightweight, durable and comfortable making this kumite karate gi ideal for training as well as competitions.

This gi comes in multiple size options by height. The same quality for our youngest of athletes to our seniors

 Available in sizes 130cm - 200cm


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