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Hayashi Tenno Kata Gi

Hayashi Tenno Kata Gi

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Hayashi Tenno Kata Gi

The Hayashi Tenno Kata Gi is coming to the mat with a new concept. 

The two-piece suit comprises a typical wrap jacket and trousers with a drawstring waist. 

The lengths of the sleeves and trouser legs are adapted to the unique kata karate requirements, so Hayashi's “Tenno” also meets the strict competition requirements. 

The white, 12 oz cotton Gi rightly carries the WKF-approved label, which means you can also wear safely in competitions.

The lapels and hem edges are designed to be slightly narrower but with an excellent grip.

WKF Homologated - (World Karate Federation approved)

Hayashi truly bring a top class kata uniform with confidence to match your kata performance.

 The great thing about this gi is its quality at an affordable price.

 Ideal for competitions as well as club training.

Additional advantages:

  • Firm, 12 oz fabric structure
  • Traditional cut shape
  • Reinforced lapels and hem edges
  • Pure white with black Hayashi embroidery
  • WKF approved label
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