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Hayashi WKF Approved Body Protector

Hayashi WKF Approved Body Protector

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Hayashi WKF approved Body Protector for Kumite

The new shape Hayashi WKF approved body protector is cut off shorter so the bottom doesn't ride up under the belt for a better fit and feel whilst competing. Hayashi are leading the market with this innovative design.

Restricting the impacts on manoeuvrability giving you the best option at success 

** New images added to the gallery, highlighting the effectiveness the new shape from Hayashi offers**


Wearing a Body Protector became mandatory in all WKF tournaments from 2012 for all competitors.

It has also been carried to all Australian level competitions that compete to WKF rules.

This WKF approved Chest guard has been especially designed according to WKF Sport Commission

Chest guards must be used by every competitor in all kumite categories within Australia (individual or team)

This chest guard is thin and light weight in design, the WKF approved Chest guard is worn under the Gi

There is minimal restriction of movement for kicks and punches

The chest guard actively absorbs and distributes the force impact of kicks and punches


Now in Extra Small for our up and coming young athletes!


The World Karate Federation have confirmed that no specification changes are being made to WKF approved equipment from the 2012-2015 term so the 2016-2019 products will be the same.

As a result of this the WKF approved protections (2012-2015) will also be valid for use during the 2016-2019 term.



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