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Hayashi WKF approved Groin guard

Hayashi WKF approved Groin guard

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Hayashi WKF approved Groin guard

This is white WKF approved Groin guard from Hayashi. It comes complete with a replaceable cup made of hard plastic.

The material is pressure and impact-resistant, which greatly minimizes the risk of injury from accidental blows.

Snap fasteners hold the cup in the breathable mesh pouch securely on the wide elastic waistband.

Due to the rounded and soft edges of the protector it fits comfortably and keeps everything slip-proof in the right place.

Hayashi have taken into consideration the need to be able to move and deliver kicks.

This design allows for freedom of movement whether you are in your club sparring or competing.

  • The advantage of the cup being removable is it helps with hygiene.
  • The groin guard mesh cover can be machine washed between uses.
  • Available in Children, Juniors and Adults sizes
  • This product is World Karate Federation Approved

Karate Groin guards are a mandatory protective equipment requirement in all male kumite divisions for events that run under WKF rules.

Although WKF approved, this groin guard can be used in other martial arts such as BJJ, kickboxing and MMA

A hit in this sensitive zone has forced many fighters involuntarily to their knees.

Unprotected hard hits can cause bruising, in the worst case even impotence.

For a long time, men's guards have been compulsory in the competition area. They certainly have their justification for use in daily training 

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