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Hayashi Karate Shinguards WKF approved

Hayashi Karate Shinguards WKF approved

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Hayashi Karate Shinguards WKF approved

Karate shinguard and instep for children through to adults.

The new instep is connected to the shin guard by a Velcro fastening which guarantees a better cohesion of the two parts.

The inner component is made of rubber (sponge) and has a specific density and dimensions to ensure its correct use as well as to avoid interfering with the competitor´s movements.

This karate shinguard protection is of mandatory use in competitions and aims towards preventing or reducing potential injuries that may be caused to the rival competitor.

Suitable for use in sparring in the club or Kumite competitions

These shin guards from Hayashi are World Karate Federation Approved

Available in Blue and Red, and in sizes Small - Extra Large

The World Karate Federation have confirmed that no specification changes are being made to WKF approved equipment from the 2012-2015 term so the 2016-2019 products will be the same. As a result of this the WKF approved protections (2012-2015) will also be valid for use during the 2016-2019 term.


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