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Krav Maga Training Dagger

Krav Maga Training Dagger

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Krav Maga Training Dagger

Krav Maga Training Dagger - Rubber Knife 

Krav Maga and Self Defense Course are becoming increasingly popular. Attacks with cut and stab weapons can cause significant damage in an emergency. Exercise weapons used in training remove the first inhibitions and help to learn techniques for safe disarming.

For self-defense courses or Krav Maga, there is nothing like realistic-looking weapons.

The solid rubber dagger is the ideal tool and, with its 30 cm length and approx. 90 g weight is similar to its real model. 

Knife defense techniques can be practiced risk-free thanks to the blunt design, and our rubber knife is always well received during demonstrations.

The realistic version of the model looks impressively dangerous, so we recommend using it as a pretend weapon.

Always keep your training weapon locked and protect it from unauthorized access.

 Use in public spaces should be clarified beforehand with the responsible authority.

Additional advantages:

  • robust hard rubber dagger
  • washable
  • handy to use
  • blunt stabbing weapon for training purposes

Strong in defense - self-defense instead of attack.

Avoiding an argument is always the smartest alternative. However, professional groups in personal or security protection often must seek the path of confrontation. Training units with so-called training weapons made of solid rubber such as our dagger should prepare for extreme situations. Its realistic look lets the adrenaline level soar without any real danger - pure reality.

Rounded edges and a flexible cutting-edge round off the safety concept of the training weapon.

This is not a toy.


Looking for a Krav Maga club in Perth? Check out: AKKA Krav Maga

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