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Manus “Wave Black'n'Black” Shin Guards

Manus “Wave Black'n'Black” Shin Guards

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Manus “Wave Black'n'Black” Shin Guards

The Manus “Wave Black'n'Black” shin guards promise you a safe training experience. 

The robust imitation leather design is perfect for daily training use.

The subtle design in black/black allows numerous combinations with your shorts, tights, and shirts.

Additional advantages:

  • durable faux leather cover
  • the robust damping system
  • strong Velcro fixation
  • skin-friendly inside
  • reinforced front surfaces
  • Suitable for MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing training

Manus has developed the “Black'n'Black” shin guards so that you can be in top form.

There are two Velcro straps at the back for a secure fit. There is an additional strap at the back of the ankle to assist with comfort and fit while training.

The open sole allows for excellent footwork. Twist your feet and body into your kicks for optimal speed and technique. You won't be slowed down with your entry and exit footwork with these shinguards. 

Strong on the outside, gentle on the inside

On the outside, the “Black'n'Black” shin guard shows its unshakable side. Under the artificial leather cover is a high-performance foam which allows for  optimal impact resistance.

From now on, there is no holding back.

You're off to a great start with the “Black'n'Black” shin guards from Manus. Expressive in design and rugged, the protectors are made for long-term use at medium intensity. Shin and instep guards are inseparable for your support in the training area.

To give your protective equipment a long life, you should plan enough time to air out and dry after use. 

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