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Fight Dentist

Mouthguard - Wanna Peace Of Me

Mouthguard - Wanna Peace Of Me

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Fight Dentist Mouthguard - Wanna Peace Of Me

Stand out from the crowd with this colourful tie dye Fight Dentist Mouthguard Wanna Peace of Me

Fight Dentist mouthguards feature Easy boil and bite moulding

Technical features of the Fight Dentist range include:

  • Engineered by dentists for accurate, flexible and confident fit
  • Ergonomically designed shape that moulds better at lower temperatures for customised fit
  • Controlled thickness in key areas provides optimal protection
  • Great suction creates the ease to breathe and talk
  • Advanced application process ensures graphics long-lasting wear
  • The Fightdentist brand is the closest fit to a customised mouth guard at a great value
  • Fight Dentist mouth guards can be worn with braces


These mouthguards are suitable for children 12 years plus and adults.


Fight Dentist mouthguards are suitable for a variety of contact sports such as Karate, Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA and BJJ as well as school and community sports.


Check out this video below to help you mould your Fight Dentist Mouthguard



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