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OPRO Platinum Mouthguard

OPRO Platinum Mouthguard

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OPRO Platinum Mouthguard

OPRO Platinum Mouthguard - Two colour options for the FANGZ design.


Every tackle you take, every clinch you break, and every drive in your direction, you want to be focused on the game at hand, and not keeping your teeth in their place. For serious athletes in a range of disciplines, the Platinum sports mouthguard allows you to do precisely that. Elite performance requires elite protection. Our dual-layer system protects with additional shock absorption between the upper and lower jaw, leaving you with undistracted, unbroken focus after impact.

Our elite level Platinum mouthguard will let you feel the best that you can with our three distinct designs. We offer you a combination of black/red/white, white/mint/black and red/black/silver. These simple but bold colours come in an exclusive fang-like design, to let you stand out from the rest with these terrifying teeth and feel supreme with our platinum range.


  • Elite-level fit and comfort: Our one-of-a-kind design features 13 anatomical fins that mould around each individual tooth for unmatched fit and retention. So good your mouthguard fits like a glove (if teeth had fingers).
  • Premium protection for your mouth: Dual layers provide additional shock absorption that gives greater protection against blows or shots to the teeth and gums.
  • Easy-to-mould: Our Platinum gum shields come with our very own fitting cradle, so the moulding process is as quick and easy as possible. On removal, air cushions are created for enhanced comfort and protection. Our real-time video shows you how to fit your mouthguard in minutes.
  • Antimicrobial protection: Mouths are a breeding ground for bacteria thanks to the moist, warm environment. Our antimicrobial additive and case protect your mouthguard against harmful bacteria, fungi, and mould for the lifetime of your guard.
  • Peace of mind: We know we won’t let you down. Don’t take our word for it. Our Platinum mouthguard is legally CE certified and comes with a comprehensive dental warranty worth up to £17,500


  • Elite level protection
  • Suitable for ages 7+
  • Simple and easy to mould and fit
  • Safe and secure fit
  • Dual-layer protection
  • Up to £17,500 worth of dental warranty
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