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Opro Snap Fit Mouth Guard - Junior

Opro Snap Fit Mouth Guard - Junior

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Opro Snap Fit Mouthguard  - Junior

OPRO Snap-Fit Junior mouthguard - Choose from a variety of vibrant colours designed to make you stand out and play your best without fear of injury… all while protecting your teeth in an instant!

Our Snap-Fit level gum shields are designed for instant backup protection - an essential to keep in every sports bag.

  • Instant fit and comfort: The Snap-Fit is perfect for those situations where you need a safe, secure mouthguard right this second. It’s protection where you need it most, when you need it most.
  • Short-term protection: Many OPRO customers keep a Snap-Fit gum shield in their kit bag just in case they lose or misplace their mouthguard. It offers adequate short-term protection at a price that won’t bite.
  • No boiling or moulding needed: Straight out of the case and into your mouth for immediate gameplay.
  • Peace of mind: Our Snap-Fit mouthguard is legally CE certified and comes with a comprehensive dental warranty worth up to £5,000. (Warranty gets converted to Australian Dollar equivalent)


The Junior snap Fit is available in Orange, Hot Pink and Mint Green Flavoured at present - more colours will be added to the MASA range soon!

 OPRO Snap-Fit Mouthguard – Instant Fit gum shield for Rugby, Hockey, MMA, Karate, Kickboxing, BJJ and other Contact Sports – Dental Warranty.

Not suitable for use with fixed braces. 


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