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Revgear Pro Elastic Hand Wraps

Revgear Pro Elastic Hand Wraps

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Revgear Pro Elastic Hand Wraps

Revgear pro elastic hand wraps - The best in the industry!

Used by many of today’s top combat sports stars!

Perfect for boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai or any combat sport where hand protection is essential.

  • Full-width enclosure prevents the ends from lifting during fighting or training
  • 100% durable stretch elastic
  • Sewn in Ultra-Lock™ hook and loop closure
  • Special thumb and loop with label "This Side Down" markings for correct wrapping
  • 2" x 180" and choose from lots of colours!
  • Sold in pairs

Revgear is proud to be a trusted leader in martial arts.

Revgear remains a leading manufacturer of training gear, fight gear and fight apparel since 1996.

Gear that is tested on the mat and proven in the cage: the pros use Revgear and so should your boxing hand


Revgear pro elastic hand wraps are available in: Pink, Purple, Black, Blue and Red!


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