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SMAI WKF Approved Female Breast Guard - Karate

SMAI WKF Approved Female Breast Guard - Karate

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SMAI WKF Approved Female Breast Guard

The SMAI Karate female breast guard is manufactured from High-quality injection moulded plastic that is simply inserted into the breast protector.

This offers a full zone of protection covering the breasts and underarm region.

 The moulded plastic inserts can also be easily removed without having to remove the entire crop top.

An essential protector for all combat sports and the SMAI Karate protector is approved by the World Karate Federation for use in all WKF sanctioned events internationally.

Approved and tested to European standards as a Category II piece of Personal protective equipment to standards EN13277-1, EN13277-6.


WKF Approved

WKF Approved for use in all World Karate Federation sanctioned events. Only the highest quality equipment & apparel may earn this approval.

Material: Moulded plastic inserts covered in elasticised Lycra

Measurement is from under bust size.

Small: 70 - 80cm

Medium: 80 - 90cm

Large: 90-100cm

X large: 100cm-110cm

  • Suitable for use in Australian Karate competitions
  • Can be worn in dojo training to protect the breast area when sparring or participating in partner work
  • Can be worn with the female body protector or the unisex body protector.
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