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Top Ten

Top Ten Boxing Hand Wraps

Top Ten Boxing Hand Wraps

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Boxing hand wraps - from Top Ten

Boxing Hand Wraps from TOP TEN. In 6 different colours and 3 different lengths (250/350/450 cm), the approximately 5 cm wide bandages with thumb loop can be easily put on. Whether boxing, kickboxing, Taekwondo-Do, or Ninjutsu, in numerous martial arts you should definitely create bandages to protect your hands.

Depending on the size of your hand, you should pay attention to the right length and the right tension. In addition, the individual layers must not wrinkle. Only then can the elastic bandages really support your tendons and muscles. The application of the TOP TEN elastic bandages is child's play thanks to a thumb loop and a strong hook and loop fastener.

Additional advantages:

  • 5 cm wide
  • 3 different lengths
  • thumb loop
  • hook and loop closure


With TOP TEN boxing wraps, you're never wrong. The quality of the traditional brand is also reflected in the rather inconspicuous equipment tools. If bandages are usually well hidden in boxing gloves and fist guards, they have enormous significance. They stabilize the joints and protect the skin from abrasions. In addition, they absorb sweat, which otherwise unhindered attacks your boxing gloves and destroys the glove in no time.

The donning is no witchcraft.

It's hard at the beginning and so you should practice putting on your bandages. You have to make sure that the tension is right. Although the elastic bandage gives way, it should never be overwound too tightly. How to do it right, shows you our short video here in the shop.

Find the right length.

Generally, little hands are shorter rather than big ones. But it also depends on your own preferences how much extra protection that is comfortable for. Finally, you have to bandaged and fit into your boxing gloves. Are you putting together new equipment? Then please remember to always try on gloves with well-bandaged hands - otherwise, you'll be annoyed about a too tight fit afterward.

Let us wrap you up and get you in the shop the elastic bandages of TOP TEN.

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