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Top Ten

Top Ten Kids Point Fight Gloves

Top Ten Kids Point Fight Gloves

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Top Ten Kids Point Fight Gloves

Top Ten Kids Point Fight Gloves - Just like the gloves of the grown-ups, the child-friendly “Action KIDS” also has an open palm for more feeling in the hands. The fingers are protected from injuries in elastic finger loops, and the anatomically shaped padding made of high-cushioning PPS foam covers the entire upper hand. The robust synthetic leather cover in white, red, blue, or black ensures durability. For the necessary coolness factor, TOP TEN relies on a sporty design for the “Action KIDS” point fighters. Finally, the elastic hook and loop fastener and the “I can do it myself” mentality of the little athletes make the handguards essential companions.

Other advantages:

  • slim cut
  • easy handling
  • high protection performance
  • for children from 5 years


The best security that can be seen: Pointfighter “Action KIDS.”

There is no trace of boredom at the “Action KIDS” point fighters from TOP TEN. The kickboxing gloves, tailored to the child’s anatomy, create trust and are a reliable companion in the early stages of martial arts. In terms of functionality, the small point fighters do not differ from the strengths of the big ones. In addition to the fixed thumb, the finger guide, and the elastic hook and loop fastener, a sweat-wicking inner lining is part of the overall concept of the “Action KIDS.”

Open hands in Taekwon-Do and point fighters in kickboxing - “Action KIDS” can do it.

The “Action KIDS” actively supports children in choosing the right martial arts. Because they can be used as open hands or point fighters, two sports can be tried out with just one pair of gloves, and the functionality corresponds to the requirements in both martial arts styles with total security.

Let images arise in your head - the TOP TEN Pointfighters “Action KIDS.”

Dreaming is absolutely allowed. When the young martial artists recognize themselves in the “Action KIDS” picture, the ambition for the sport is already aroused. In addition, 4 different colors make it possible to find the personal star with which you start your training full of power.

Children get off to a flying start in martial arts with the “Action KIDS” point fighters from TOP TEN only available from MASA 

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