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Top Ten

Top Ten IFMA Nong Han Boxing Gloves

Top Ten IFMA Nong Han Boxing Gloves

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Top Ten IFMA Nong Han Boxing Gloves

These Topten IFMA Nong Han Boxing Gloves leave nothing to be desired in terms of design or functionality.

The tight-fitting Muay Thai boxing gloves boast a striking shape, precise thumb guidance, and secure positioning close to the clubface.

Additional Advantages:

  • Precise hand guidance
  • High-damping foam padding
  • High-quality genuine leather cover
  • Sophisticated ventilation system
  • Unique design
  • IFMA Approved (International Federation of Amateur Muaythai) 

Discover the power of natural beauty with the “Nong Han” boxing gloves. Nature gives us the most beautiful sights, and inspired by this, the TOP TEN design team created the “Nong Han” collection. The gloves feature a variety of flowers from the famous Thai water lily lake on the palm, immersing you in a sea of flowers that helps you draw strength from the stillness of nature. The TOP TEN safety package guarantees the highest level of safety with maximum comfort.

These Muay Thai Boxing Gloves impress with a precisely fitting hand guide and anatomically shaped foam padding, protecting your fingers, back of the hand, and knuckles while still allowing a realistic impact sensation.

The hook and loop cuff in the wrist area allows for individual adjustment to the shape of your hand and a secure closure.

As Thai Boxing/ Muay Thai is now an International Olympic Committee recognised and sanctioned sport, amateur competitors must follow global guidelines for equipment and competition rules. Topten IFMA approved sparring gear is can be worn at such sanctioned events.

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