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Top Ten

Top Ten Power Ink Golden Star Boxing Gloves

Top Ten Power Ink Golden Star Boxing Gloves

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Top Ten Power Ink Golden Star Boxing Gloves

Introducing the TOP TEN Boxing Gloves "Power Ink Golden Star"! Designed to dazzle martial arts enthusiasts with their stunning golden print, these gloves are more than just eye candy. Crafted from durable artificial leather, the case ensures longevity and resilience. 


  • High-damping foam padding for effortless hitting
  • Fixation foam for added stability
  • High-quality seams for enhanced durability
  • Perfect fit for every fist, ensuring comfort and control
  • Width-adjustable compression fixation for personalised support

Not just about function, these gloves also boast a spectacular design in white and gold, adding a touch of style to your training sessions.

Designed for durability and performance, these gloves offer a firm grip and optimal pressure distribution, making them an excellent choice for daily workouts.

The hook and loop system provides a straightforward method for securing the gloves, ensuring a snug fit that can be tailored to your preferences. Additionally, the cuff stabilizes the wrist area, enhancing safety during your training sessions.

Take control of your safety and elevate your training with the TOP TEN "Power Ink Golden Star" boxing gloves.

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