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Hayashi WKF Forearm Guard

Hayashi WKF Forearm Guard

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Hayashi Forearm Guard - WKF Approved

Hayashi Forearm Guard is made from 12 mm thick padding

It has been designed to have a natural fit around the forearm and offer good protection.

Two velcro straps keep the  guards securely fastened in place.

There is an additional strap fastener on the under side to ensure optimum fit.

WKF approved

The Hayashi  guards are produced according to and officially recognised by the WKF.

They are made of high quality vinyl that forms perfectly to forearm for maximum comfort and durability.

The guards feature a slightly glossy finish.

They are extremely light weight to not distract the wearer during sparring or one-step style moves.

By wearing guards provides strong protection for the forearm.

This helps prevents serious injuries and bruises during competition and training.

These forearm guards are suitable for a variety of martial arts including Krav Maga, Karate and Kickboxing where the arm can be damaged when blocking or striking. 

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